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Co - Curricular Activities

Orchard provides ample opportunities and a stimulating environment to express engage and explore the world through a variety of experiences and programmes that include intra and interschool competitions, debates, quiz, role-plays, public speaking dance, drama, sports, projects and field visits. Spell Bee Contest and International Olympiads provide a platform for International Competency.

Extra - Curricular Activities

Orchard believes that there are innumerable inherent potentials that lie within every child that need a way out. The school has incorporated various sports activities like Foot -ball, Cricket, Volley Ball, Hand Ball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Carrom , Chess, field and track events, Performing Arts like Western & Classical Dance, Vocal Music, Art & Craft, Mimes and Theatre Arts, Martial Arts like Karate, Yoga etc;

Value Education:

Orchard lays great emphasis on rejuvenating the diminishing ethical values among children. Creating Good Human Beings is the thread that connects all processes at School. Fervent celebration of all National and Religious Festivals at Orchard re-kindles and re-vitalizes the rich cultural heritage of our past. Celebration of Grandparents Day ensures strong bonding amidst the school and family.

With a Passion for Excellence:

Orchard works to create an academic, physical, emotional, social, respectful and safe environment in which every child feels both supported and challenged at his or her level. Remedial Coaching for Slow Bloomers and Enhancement Training for High Achievers are regular practices at School. Students are guided, motivated and assisted whenever and wherever they seem lost by caring and nurturing teachers.