Orchard seeks to provide and promote education at its best. The curriculum here is a plethora of learning experiences mingled with fun-filled activities and serious discoveries. It focuses on six aspects of learning that provide a comprehensive framework for a child's development at each level.

Personal, social and emotional development.
Communication, Language and Literacy.
Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy.
Knowledge & Understanding of the world.
Physical Development.
Creative Development.

Curriculum Framework:


Theme based child centred planned activities to ensure meaningful connections to facilitate development of skills and concepts to help the child understand itself. The child emerges a ``Confident Person`` from the Pre-Primary Education.

Middle School:

Carefully planned curriculum to ensure future readiness synchronised with CCE, transform children to be ``Active Contributors``.

High School and Higher Secondary:

Life skill oriented and result directed curriculum in collaboration with undaunted fervour towards universal values, Human understanding, Excellence in everything, and unconditional Service to mankind envisages ``Concerned Citizens of tomorrow``.

Mode of assessments:

The Academic Year is divided into three terms.
The I Term from June to September, II Term from October to December and III Term from January to April.
Each Term comprises of Formative Assessments and a Summative Assessment.
The process of evaluation is reflective of all components of personality of an individual.
The Progress Report indicates the Cumulative performance as Grades not Marks.
Higher Secondary is being introduced from the Academic Year 2014-15 with an ardent zeal to prepare the students for the future with enough skills & competencies.

Groups Offered

I A: Physics – Chemistry – Mathematics – Biology
I B: Physics – Chemistry – Mathematics – Computer Science
II A: Physics – Chemistry – Biology – Computer Science
III A: Commerce – Accountancy – Economics – Computer Science
III B: Commerce – Accountancy – Economics – Business Mathematics
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