Shri S. Mani, the Founder and Chairman of Orchard Schools is a devout entrepreneur with an ardent vision of creating a lasting revolutionary ripples of change in the field of education bestowing every child with individual empowerment to become a global citizen contributing towards the betterment of the Society.
His only desire is to make quality education available and affordable to children from all strata of life. He is a Chemical Engineer with an expertise of four decades in industries producing fertilizers, chemicals, oil and gases and edible oils. He is now the Managing Director of Orchard Extractions Private Limited; Trichy.

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer of Orchard Schools, Dr. M. Arun, leads all school operations with the goal of educating each student to become a kind and responsible citizen who will contribute to a sustainable earth. He strongly believes that the education in the 21st Century requires its citizen to be aware of the challenges, be responsible and contribute towards the resources and the sustainability of the planet. With a background in R&D from NUS and NTU in Singapore, he walks with a keen awareness of global issues and adheres to the mantra ``Think Globally, Act Locally.``


Mrs. Leena Arun, the Correspondent of the School, who leaves no stone unturned to ensure a nurturing environment to every child’s holistic development. She strongly believes in adopting learner centric curriculum and methodologies and working with the children’s ability and interest to maximize their involvement in the learning process and love being at School. Acquiring her MS degree from BITS, Pilani and a rich exposure to administrative skills in industrial and educational platforms, her undaunted vision is to inculcate values to ensure balanced development of every individual with intellectual, moral, aesthetic, emotional, social, spiritual and physical well-being.


Mrs. Silvie Nesa Samuel, the Principal of the School, heads the institution with a foresight to enrich every inmate with life defining experiences enabling them to discover the possibilities of change through courageous actions, personal examples and selfless leadership. She derives her strength to operate from the joy of being with children. She holds a Master degree in Mathematics along with a post graduate diploma in Financial Management and a bachelor’s degree in Education She is a recipient of Dr . Radhakrishnan‘s State Award for the Best Teacher.

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